The list of types of yogurts with characteristic and delicious characteristics of Tandis Salamat vatan company

Tandis full-fat yogurt is a valuable choice for very thin people, malnourished children, children who have difficulty absorbing food, and people who have trouble losing weight. Also, high-fat yogurt is a suitable option for people who absorb the fat they need through dairy products. In addition to its high concentration, this type of yogurt has a delicious taste, and because of the high percentage of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E and D, it is a perfect snack.

The only difference between Tandis yogurt and regular yogurt is that the amount of water in it is less than regular yogurt. As much as the amount of water in the yogurt tissue is removed, its unit weight, calorie and nutritional value will increase. Tandis abstract yogurt is one of the tastiest and tastiest yogurts. People who have low appetite and are thin and have digestive problems such as lactose intolerance or their stomach does not accept a large amount of food, it is better to eat condensed yogurt with their food.

Tandis shallot yogurt is considered one of the strong boosters for the body. Scientific findings have shown that yogurt has a high nutritional value, especially if it is combined with shallots. Because shallot has many benefits and properties that can have a double positive effect on the body when combined with yogurt. Mustard yogurt has many nutrients such as calcium and potassium. Also, the protein in it is very useful for hair growth.

Tandis low-fat yogurt is one of the best products in the category of yogurt. Eating yogurt is recommended for everyone, especially athletes, because it is rich in protein. We should know that the higher the fat in yogurt, the lower the absorption of calcium. Therefore, eat low-fat yogurt to supply your body with calcium. The raw materials of these yogurts, like our other products, are sourced from Tandis’ own farms and are of high health. This yogurt is a good option for overweight people.

Tandis yogurt