In order to increase the level of access to its customers and to respond appropriately to the demands of the applicants, Tandis Salamat Vatan Company increased and developed its transportation fleet by 20%.

In the third phase of this development, 60 6-ton heavy cars with the brand “Fuso” made in Japan were purchased, and including one driver and two distributors of Tandis dairy products for each car, a total of 180 people were directly ignited and 500 people were indirectly ignited. Direct income generation was created.

Another goal of this plan is to expand the sales market and gain more customer satisfaction, which is determined by shortening the time for applicants to access Tandis company’s products, increasing the percentage of production efficiency and reaching the set standards.

The moment this fleet entered Tandis transportation system, it was welcomed and attended by the CEO of Tandis, Ishaq Mohammadi and the team of the board of directors, Ali Mohammadi, Mrs. Ghafouri and other deputies and senior managers of the company along with experts and personnel.

During the last two years, with the rapid development of dairy products production, Tandis Salamat Watan Company has been able to institutionalize the popular title of “Tandis Taste of Life” and with the main brand of Tandis in the field of healthy food and dairy products as well as its second brand Sis Land (non-dairy products) It has been essential in meeting the demand of more than 20 thousand restaurateurs and organizations in the country.

One of the main features of this company is providing the full cycle of products from the farm to the final production, with original taste and reasonable price, which has been able to play a major role in the international and export arenas in addition to the domestic market.

Welcoming the third phase of the development of the Tandis transport fleet

and welcoming the new personnel according to the picture

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