Winning the gold medal of the third national food health festival by Tandis company

The best of the 3rd national food health festival were introduced with the aim of improving the food health level of the society, and Tandis Salamat Vatan Company won the top title and received the golden statue of this festival.

According to public relations of Tandis company, among the best of the third national food health festival, Tandis company was able to win the golden statue of this festival by obtaining the necessary points.

The third edition of the National Health Festival was held with the aim of changing the pattern of nutrition and improving the level of awareness, attitude and culture of healthy eating in the society and with the approach of improving the level of food health and achieving a healthy and dynamic society at the national level.

In this festival, by evaluating food products based on three axes of food health, food quality and food quantity, the jury introduced the leading brands in research, development and health promotion of food products.

According to the announcement of the secretariat of this festival, Tindis Company succeeded in receiving the golden statue of the National Food Health Festival in 1401.

The third edition of the National Health Festival was held on Tuesday, November 24, at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, with the presence of officials from the country’s health department.

Teaser of Tandis company’s successful participation in the third food safety festival

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